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  • Jan 25, 2012
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Those blowout, forecast-beating results from Apple: the number crunchers in overdrive

25 January 2012 – The entire tech community has been quick to compare Apple’s blowout figures announced yesterday to a range of other comparators – some more financially insightful than others.  FT Techhub scoured the web for reaction and came up with these: AppleInsider notes that Apple sold more iPads than HP sold PCs, by Gartner’s […]

  • Jan 24, 2012
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Why Apple is seizing the enterprise

  24 January 2012 – We all know the story.  Waste Management outfitted its trucks with “non-Apple” tablets, loaded with software for route and pickup instructions that it had rewritten to work with tablets. The company was testing whether it could save money and improve performance with off-the-shelf consumer tablets rather than having to use industry-specific, ruggedized devices to replace […]

A game changer yet again: Apple’s plan to disrupt the textbook business

17 January 2012 –  When Apple introduced the iPad a couple of years ago, one of the product’s promises was that it could change the classroom experience.   It looks to do that on Thursday.  Having trolled the digital media bloggers plus conversations we had at CES2012 in Las Vegas last week, Apple is reportedly working with some of […]

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