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  • Oct 25, 2016
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The iPhone 7 product cycle: here is the problem when you use 2 chips

  25 October 2016 – For years, Apple has had its modem chips supplied solely by Qualcomm. This isn’t a unique method of procuring components for Apple, which has generally preferred to stick with one supplier per component type when it can. Business reasons for such a decision are obvious: with one supplier, Apple can better […]

  • Oct 18, 2016
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Taming our technologies

Humanoid robot iCub is used for research into cognition and artificial intelligence   18 October 2016 – I am attending a rather off-beat workshop, “The Weaponization of Social Media in International Politics”, as a precursor to the next chapter in my artificial intelligence series. For the last two months I have been running through the […]

Google releases an open source font that supports 800 languages

  11 October 2016 – Google has been working on the project over the past five years in collaboration with Monotype in hopes of eradicating so-called “tofu” — the blank boxes you see when a PC or website can’t display a particular text — from the web. Noto, or No more tofu, is Google’s answer, and it’s […]

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