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How to create an iTunes account in another country

February 1st, 2012 |  Published in Apple

1 February 2012 – Your primary iTunes account is always set depending on the country you reside in.  I live in Belgium.  So this can present some problems if you’re a keen iPhone/iPad app fan and you travel a lot (like I do) and there are certain apps that are not available in all territories.  While this guide is primarily applicable to people outside of the U.S., it works just as well there, too.

The key problem with trying to create an account outside of your home is the issue of payment, as your credit card or PayPal account must be registered in the same place.   I have bank accounts/credit cards/PayPal accounts for the 6 countries I travel to/work in the most.  But if you do not, there is a way around this if you just want to download free apps.

Why would anyone want to do such a thing?  Aside from access to free apps not available in your country, you can only redeem free app codes and vouchers inside the U.S. store.  Annoying if you have one but don’t live there.  So, some simple instructions on how to set up a foreign iTunes account.

  • Open iTunes and select the iTunes Store.
  • Scroll down to the base of the page and click the flag icon found in the bottom right.
  • Select the country you want to create an account in.  In this example, we will use the U.S.
  • The country-specific store page will open.
  • Now, search for an app which is free.   I suggest using the U.S.-only app “Gears”.
  • Once you’ve found and selected your app, click the “Free App” button to purchase it.
  • The iTunes “Sign In” box will appear and you want to select “Create New Account”.
  • Click “Continue” when prompted and accept the “Terms of Service”.
  • Fill in your contact details as requested, then press continue.
  • Then you must provide a payment method.  However, as this is a free app, at the far end there is the option of “None”.  Select this.




  • Fill in an address and click “Continue”.
  • Wait for the confirmation email to arrive.  When it does, follow the instructions and activate your new account.
  • Your new App should download automatically.

Obviously you won’t be able to download anything which costs money, as you won’t have any way of paying.  (If you have a credit card/debit card for that jurisdiction,  just click the appropriate button above and provide the information).  But at least you can download free apps and/or use coupons from iTunes stores outside your jurisdiction.  

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