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Gregory P. Bufithis is GB Media’s founder and Legal Director. Mr. Bufithis is an attorney, writer and a journalist with over 20 years of experience in intellectual property law and digital media in the U.S. and Europe. Also, he has coordinated the commercialization of intellectual property portfolios for international investment groups as well as advising clients on matters involving digital media and intellectual property rights, intellectual property law and commercial transactions in the U.S. and Europe.

Mr. Bufithis received his Juris Doctorate from the John Marshall School of Law (Illinois, U.S.).   He also holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees from Hartwick College (New York, U.S.) in Economics and Political Science and a Licence en langues et civilizations étrangères (first degree) from the Universitè de Paris Sorbonne. He received his training as a currency and commodities trader at Credit Suisse.   He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar (United States) and registered with the Brussels Bar (Belgium). He is fluent in English, French and Greek.

He is also an economist and is currently undertaking a neuroscience/informatics degree and writes about his studies on his personal blog, as well as reflections on art, culture, media, politics, and science :


Eric De Grasse is GB Media’s Chief Technology Officer.  He has globally managed and implemented IT standards and managed infrastructure management systems. He has compiled analytic data and produced reports for executive staff, CEOs, and CIOs for strategic decision analysis and he has designed documentation systems for numerous mergers and acquisitions as well as litigation and government investigatory proceedings. He has written numerous Standard Operating Procedures policies, and implemented new technologies with Operation Level Agreements and detail-oriented Service Level Agreements.

His work at EAM Capital includes performing mobile device analysis and comparative analysis of numerous technological platforms, and enterprise infrastructure software that includes mobile device management and application management. He is a regular contributor to our sister web site The Cloud and Ediscovery.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Information Technology from MIT. He has expertise with numerous technology systems and holds numerous professional software certifications.


Marco Viterbo is GB Media’s Production Coordinator. He is charge of the development and maintenance of websites, blogs, electronic newsletters, social media campaigns, and other digitally produced material. He manages all desktop publishing, including editing digital images, designing page layouts, and using electronic publishing software. He also manages our film crews.

He holds bachelor and masters degrees in digital media and digital information from the University of Rome (Italy) and the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Mr. Bufithis, Mr. De Grasse and Mr. Viterbo are aided by an in-house staff, plus a client advisory team of attorneys and technical analysts based in Barcelona, Brussels, London, Paris, Zurich and Washington, DC.

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