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My conference schedule: the year is always front-loaded

January 27th, 2016 |  Published in Conference events

Travel crazy

27 January 2016 – This is my busiest part of the year as far as tech conferences because they are pretty much back-to-back over an 8 week period: the CyberSecurity Forum in Lille, France; LIFT Technology Conference in Geneva, Switzerland; the international conference Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) in Brussels, Belgium; the Munich Security Conference in Munich, Germany.

Then the biggie: off to Barcelona for the granddaddy, the Mobile World Congress. 6 days … 4 days of conference with before/after meetings. An expected 100,000 attendees this year, with 2,100 exhibitors and 80+ educational sessions.

After that, a few “on campus” visits to Cambridge and Zurich for my neuroscience/artificial intelligence programs, and then a few fun events: the Cannes Film Festival, the French Tennis Open in Paris, back to Cannes for Cannes Lions (which is for the advertising and media industry but where I have learned the most about the impact of technology, the visualization of data, creativity, and how to create a high level of quality storytelling), with a finish at the LawTech Congress in Brussels for some advanced technology in the legal business to satiate the lawyer-beast in me.

Yes, I am an opsimath at heart but I think everything in technology is related and that schedule provides me perspective and a holistic tech education. Call it my personal Theory of Everything. Although if you are not careful you can find yourself going through a mental miasma with all this overwhelming tech.

Invariably one can expect a major tech story (or two or three) to drop in from the sky which causes your schedule to go askew. But as usual: these conferences always have some brilliant sources for analyzing the story-of-the-day, no matter what it is.



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