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The wrap up! All our commentary on Mobile World Congress 2013

August 28th, 2013 |  Published in Mobile World Congress 2013, Mobile World Congress 2014


Mobile World Congress 2013


Gregory P. Bufithis, Esq. / Founder and CEO

28 August 2013 – As our readers know, MWC runs for a week, has 75,000+ attendees (and potential clients) from over 120 markets, over 1,500 exhibitors, and 30+ educational sessions and presentations.

But the themes and concepts are the same: mobile is connecting the world in a dramatic and breath-taking fashion and “Mobile First” is, like, soooo last year. We have moved to “Mobile Only” in such an amazing short period of time. Mobile is more than just the latest step forward in tech innovation; mobile is fundamentally reshaping operating models, business models and marketplaces. It’s not sufficient to think “mobile first” anymore. The post-digital future begins with “mobile only”.  It bridges generations, builds communities, ignites ideas and tears down the barriers which separate us. And for those of our readers who are in the legal industry and attended with us this past year, you saw the increasing presence of legal support vendors and mobile litigation analysis platforms.

It is held at a state-of-art facility. Vendors are “visitor friendly” (most not only had coffee and juice and food bars, but several had video booths where you could do short video clips to instantly Tweet), there are recharging stations for mobile/laptop stations throughout the complex, food/drink outlets abound so you are always a few steps away from refreshment and so you do not miss the beat of the conference, scores of private “meet & greet” and networking areas, Wi-Fi connections throughout the complex, etc., etc.

Best of all are the networking opportunities.  You can connect with C-level leaders across numerous industries, and the online networking platform allows you to reach out to new contacts and set up meetings using an exclusive social networking tool.  Plus the training opportunities to participate in formalized trainings geared toward your level: director, manager, lawyer, IT grunt, etc.

As one of the GSM organizers told us “if you are selling yourself as a tech conference and networking conference then you need to be state-of-the-art in tech and networking, yes?” 

The Mobile World Congress is our most intensely covered event.  We send a team, cover numerous vendors and presentations, and write about 15 posts, several in Spanish. This year’s posts include:

*Live from the Mobile World Congress: some initial thoughts, take-aways 

*En vivo desde el “Mobile World Congress”: Reflexiones iniciales

*From MWC2013: oh, the angst of the bring-your-own-devise (BYOD) movement – the cost, the security (and a little cyber security education thrown in) 

*Why Apple, Google and Samsung want Blackberry to succeed (and other thoughts in the run-up to the Mobile World Congress) 

*Porque Apple, Google y Samsung apuestan al éxito de BlackBerry (ideas previas al Mobile World Congress 2013)

*Live from the Mobile World Congress 2013: How mobile connectivity is changing the world 

*From MWC2013 : IBM > the continuing, never ending marvels of Watson

*Live from the Mobile World Congress: Samsung announces technology to assist in the security of BYOD 

*Live from the Mobile World Congress: welcome to the contactless future > near field communication is about to go mainstream 

*More from MWC2013: metrics transformation in telecommunications – thoughts from Ernst & Young 

*More from MWC2013: Qualcomm – they made smartphones possible 

*From MWC2013: Visions of cars and clouds – the Intel experience and the Ford experience 

*From MWC2013: Africa calling 

*More notes from MWC2013: Monetizing “Big Data” in the communications industry 

*From MWC2013: M2M – The rise of machine-to-machine technology and the Internet of Useless Things 

*From MWC2013: Rovi consumer study reveals some eye-opening insights into streaming media 

*From MWC: In Spain, a loss of jobs, a brain drain, and a struggle to attract entrepreneurs

*Desde el MWC2013: En Barcelona > Pérdida de puestos de trabajo y fuga de cerebros, pero un fabuloso pool de talentos en el área tecnológica


For a link to all those stories click here.

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